• Zbigniew Karas can be heard on his two weekly, Polish-language radio shows. Saturdays at 10:30 AM on AM1030 WNVR and Wednesdays at 10 PM on AM1490 WPNA.




  • Watch out for 2017 IRS changes...schedule a check-up this month and be ready for tax season!




insurance services

complimentary insurance policy review

Have you noticed that your insurance bill changes from year to year? Sometimes from month to month? Insurance companies have a habit of reviewing your premiums; therefore, you should have a habit of reviewing your insurance policies.


Life Insurance

Life insurance can bring certainty to a very uncertain time in your life. Would you like to collect guaranteed income during retirement? Do you ever wonder what would happen if you were suddenly unable to work? Tax planning, trusts, buy-sell agreements for business...with life insurance, there are limitless possibilities.


insurance for business

As a business owner, its your neck thats on the line. Whether your business has a lot of moving parts or its just you and a computer, you had better make sure your investments are protected. Let us focus on the right policy so you can focus on running your business.









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